Cell phone repair shops can save you money

Repair cell phone image There are some misconceptions among the cell phone-using public concerning the appropriate way to repair a cell phone.

That’s understandable because these powerful and amazing devises use cutting-edge technology that is difficult for even telecommunications engineers to comprehend. However, the bottom line is fixing them doesn’t always need to be a major chore.

Here are some misconceptions about cell phone repair

  • Only certified technicians are allowed to repair the phone: Out of the 50 states, only California requires a special license for working on cell phones. That means it’s a mixed bag in the remaining states on whether repair people have attended certified training classes. Some of the uncertified do a perfectly fine job because they are self taught and use the Internet to research the latest issues. Others on the other hand SHOULD attend training classes. The bottom line is: Buyer beware.
  • Third-party repair shops will void the phone warranty: Well consider that if you break the cover on either an iPhone or Android phone the warranty is already voided. Typically if you go back to the service provider they will recommend getting an expensive new phone with a new warranty. But before you do it’s worth going to a repair shop; many times the shop can fix the damaged phone and offer you a limited warranty.
  • Fixing an old phone is too expensive: Some recent statistics show that is not the case. As recently as January 2015, iPhone 6 users were paying about $180 to make repairs. That’s far less than the selling price of nearly $500! When hyou add in the hassle of getting a new phone up to speed with your contacts, apps, etc. that’s a major savings.
  • The actual of cell phones is often obscured: Many people are upset when they are told it will cost $200 to repair a phone they paid $150 for. But remember, the service provider actually absorbs a portion of the cost of the phone when they signed you on as a customer. In many cases, you are actually repairing a device that costs at least twice as much as what you paid.
  • You can fix the phone yourself: Just like automobiles, there are companies more than willing to sell you the repair parts you need. But often cell phone owners end up doing more damage than  fixing the problem, according to a repair shop survey. Don’t do it; let the professionals who have done it before take care of the repairs. Consider that getting the parts into the phone is only part of the battle. What happens if you turn it on and it still doesn’t work? You have no way to diagnose the problem and that could end up costing you more money in the long run.

In conclusion, some cell phone repair shops may appear “sketchy”, and we’re not here to say all of them are reputable. But if you find a good one it can save you time and money. If you have any questions about phone repairs please contact us at MobileCharge Kiosk. We can help!

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