Kiosk Types

Different events and venues call for different solutions and we have several options.

Ease and Convenience

A great way to entice visitors to your exhibit booth and keep them there while their cell phone charges.  The monitor could have various advertising material or a short video playing while they wait for the boost on their smart phone.

Wall & Floor Models

Wall Mounted Charging Station features a patented unibody design for the main billboard display and ledge. Unibody construction means a higher-precision, less-complex design with fewer parts. This translates to a charging station that’s exceptionally thin and light, yet durable enough to handle the rigors of everyday use.

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Lockers with multiple charging cords for all the popular cell phone options in today’s charging environment.  The customer selects a  locker, secures it with the swipe of a credit/debit card or sets a PIN number, plugs in the cell phone, close the doors and walks away knowing his/her phone is safe.   After the charging is finished, come back and retrieve the phone with a swipe of the credit/debit card or enter the PIN.

Great for locations such at night spots, restaurants, hotel lobbies and anywhere a person would want to plug in and walk away.