Long term kiosk rentals may be the solution to the problem “my cell phone is dying!” Big festivals or small convention, mobile device charging stations are a real convenience for your audience or attendants. Giving them the ability to charge their cell phones and small mobile devices makes them stay longer. Long term is eight to thirty days. 

  • Show organizers:
    • Enhance sponsorships by offering advertisements to your exhibitors
    • Generate revenue from exhibitors with paid sponsored advertisement
    • Promote exhibitor products/messages on the LCD screen
    • Provide patrons with a necessary service
  • Exhibitors:
    • Kiosk can be branded with your company logo
    • Attract visitors to your booth
    • With 10-15 minute charge times visitors will stay longer
    • The longer visitors stay in your booth, the more time you have to communicate
    • LCD screen plays your message to a captive audience even if you are not present
    • Your product will be associated with a highly valued service

For more information about long term kiosk rentals call (352) 235-9750.

Need a kiosk for a shorter period time?  We have short term solutions for business and events.