Power Up. Stay Connected.

From cell phones to tablets, people are connected to their mobile devices. Keeping them charged is paramount to enjoying the day. At a festival, concert, conferences, or events, mobile devices become frustrating when they lose their charge!

Attendees need mobile charging stations to keep their devices fully charged and operating.  MobileCharge Kiosk can provide a unique solution for any event insuring your customers, clients or attendees do not miss a call, a message or the selfie opportunity due to no battery.

OH NO! My cellphone is dying!

Mobile Charge Kiosks charge virtually any mobile phone or portable device faster than a standard wall charger. Imagine having your customers happy that you have provided them a way to contact their loved one while waiting at the hospital or calling a friend to join them at their favorite night spot simply by having the mobile charge kiosk in your place of business.

MobileCharge Kiosk provides customers a convenient way to charge their mobile devices quickly and no longer need to risk being out of touch. As long as cell phones are in use, this product will be essential.

Mobile charge kiosk also provide advertising from businesses and services in the surrounding area.  Enhance your customers experience by offering special offers that are available by them mentioning they saw the advertisement on the kiosk.

Short term and long term rental options are available.