Murphy’s Law and Smartphones

Dead smartphone. Always seems to happen in the wrong place and at the wrong time.

Let’s talk about smart battery management for smartphones. In the real world, battery life remains the “Achilles’ Heel” for even today’s top smartphones. Despite advertising claims, the battery life of smartphones rarely exceeds 20 hours.

Practice these battery-saving tips and eliminate the frustration of a dead smartphone.


  • Display – Tackle the single biggest battery drain. Set your device to turn off its display after 30 seconds or a minute
    IOS: Go to Settings>General>Auto-Lock
    Android: Go to Settings>Display>Sleep
  • Apps – Facebook and email (as well as some game and music player apps) run 24/7, even when you are not using them. The upside – you receive instant notifications when you receive a new message or comment. The downside – you’re depleting battery life. Try turning off or restricting background data for each app.
    → IOS: Go to Settings>General>Background App Refresh – select the apps to turn off
    → Android: Go to Settings>Data usage – Choose and tap on app, scroll down to bottom to
    restrict background data
  • Screen brightness – Full brightness is a battery drain. Dim your display to gain hours of battery life
    → IOS: Go to Settings>Display & Brightness – Use slider to dim the display
    → Android: Go to Settings>Display – Turn off Adaptive Brightness, Tap on and adjust Brightness level


  • Notifications – Some apps, like those for weather, news and sports, will automatically send unsolicited notifications all day. Disable ones you don’t need.
    → IOS: Go to Settings>Notifications – Choose and turn off unnecessary notifications.
    → Android: Go to Settings>Sound & notification>App notifications
  • Location services – Map and weather apps need your location, but what about social media apps? Preserve energy and your privacy.
    → IOS: Go to Settings>Privacy>Location Services
    → Android: Go to Settings>General>Location
  • Vibrations – Turn it off. Vibrations use more battery life then the ringer.
  • Bluetooth – Eliminate battery drain. Switch it off if you’re not using it.

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