advrtising & sponsorship opportunities with MobileCharge Kiosk.Sponsorship opportunities are available with the charging stations. MobileCharge Kiosk offer a unique opportunity for merchants and businesses in the local area to advertise their services and products on the cell phone charging stations and kiosks we place in various venues.

The location of the kiosk determines what the advertisement is. MobileCharge Kiosk works with the venue to ensure the advertisement is compatible with the business objectives. 

Businesses can also sponsor a kiosk at an event.  Branding the kiosk is a way to have your message out in the public even when you are not. Festivals, expos, conventions – where there are people, there is an opportunity to broadcast your message.

Sponsorship/Customized Advertising:
MobileCharge Kiosks offers unique branding and targeted advertisement opportunities on our kiosks.
We can wrap kiosks in your company’s logo or display your company’s advertisement on each kiosk screen. As patrons use the charging kiosk, they will be exposed to the on-screen advertisement.
Cell phone charging kiosks are a great and innovative way to spread your advertising message!