Tips to avoid losing cellphone battery charge

Do you have trouble with your cellphone battery? Does it lose power too quickly? Or maybe it’s shutting off without warning?

Those could be symptoms the battery going to konk out. Check out these tips that may surprise you and, better yet, could lengthen the life of your battery:

Things not to do:

Don’t charge your battery every day. Constantly charging the battery when it still has half a charge will actually lower the battery’s capability of holding a charge.

Don’t subject your phone to extreme temperatures. Heat and cold are a battery’s enemies and will drastically shorten how long it can hold a charge (or if it can hold a charge at all.) So, leaving your phone in the car on a hot summer day will definitely weaken a battery.

Don’t leave your phone on 24/7. Turning your phone off at night will allow the electronics to cool. As an added bonus, when you turn your phone back on, it should refocus its coordinates, and this may actually improve your reception. There is some industry disagreement as to whether actually turning your phone off when you’re not using it will extend battery life. However, everyone agrees that you can extend a battery’s life by turning your phone off when you are in an area with either no signal or a very weak.